Trade and Treachery


We will be playing in the world of Keene it is one of the Nine Planes of existence. Once many millennia ago it was the sole home of the Elves. Over time the Dwarves came from a plane of earth seeking treasure, the humans came from a plane torn by war seeking refuge, and the Halflings came from a plane that they quickly forgot seeking lunch.

You are currently in the largest Sea port on the second largest continent, Mathina Point, in the country of Maikra. Maikra is a human country with a reputation for looking down their noses at outsiders. In the special case of Mathina Point they put aside their distaste for non-humans for the large amounts of gold to made from commerce.


I am planning a Bethesda style open world game (i.e. Skyrim, Fallout 4, etc.) set in my standard Fantasy world. After the first session, you will be able to do basically whatever you want. The world is always happening around you and you will choose how to engage it and what to get involved with.

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Trade and Treachery